Why Twitter is Monetizing “Moments”

Why Twitter is Monetizing “Moments”



[Image credit: Ad Age]

By now you must have noticed the little lightning bolt symbol in the center of your Twitter dashboard and wondered, “What is that?”

That, my friend, is Project Lightning, a.k.a Twitter Moments a.k.a. the social media company’s answer to Snapchat’s Stories.

In a nut shell, Moments is a tweet aggregator that curates tweets based on the day’s top stories and presents them in a magazine-like view without having to follow a single person.

The product represents Twitter’s strongest push to date to acquire more casual users who may be turned off by the perceived sophistication of the platform.

Essentially, Moments is a Hail Mary pass for the blue bird company, which has seen a drop in its stock price and has maintained subpar user growth.

That is partly the reason why Twitter has wasted no time in monetizing the new feature by offering Promoted Moments as a way to give advertisers the chance to curate tweets, video and other content. This new form of native advertising immerses users in strategically selected content as a way to engage with target audiences without the skepticism that comes with most digital ads.

MGM, Warner Bros. and New Line Cinemas are the first to hop on the Promoted Moments bandwagon with a Moment centered around the new film, Creed, giving users an exclusive first look at the movie.


[Image credit: Twitter]

Twitter plans to eventually have one Promoted Moment each day as part of an effort to combat slowing revenue growth.

Promoted Moments has the potential to be a go-to tool for marketer’s looking to bring out the storytelling aspect of their content. With brands being in control of what content is shared, the possibilities of how the product is used is endless. Retailers can feature real people using their products; brand sponsored events and festivals can create memorable stories from the day; musicians could put together content from their world tour to show everyone what they’re missing.

What do you think about Twitter Moments? Do you think Twitter will be able to get out of it’s financial slump by riding the back of Promoted Moments?


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